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Competition CD

Most of the current CDs are recorded with multiple microphones in a dead-sounding studio, with reverb and overdubs added in the mix. We decided that partnering with a audiophile record label vs. building and mastering a CD from scratch ourselves would end up sounding better and be better for you as a competitor.

After looking at a wide variety of labels, other audiophile labels do great recordings, too, but few capture the full-bodied tonality that we were looking for. And fewer still have signed an eclectic array of artists. We selected Chesky Records to partner with to build this disk. Chesky’s approach is purer: It records in the natural reverberance of St. Peter’s Church in Manhattan, using custom-made vacuum-tube recording gear, a single microphone (in most cases), and no audio processing or overdubbing. The result is a spacious, natural sound you simply cannot hear in ordinary commercial recordings. (See Equipment Below.)

As you can see from the track listing, we have a wide variety of artists and some new takes on some old favorites from artists such as Al Green, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley and U2.



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The Chesky Recording Equipment List
Microphone: Soundfield Mark V(Modified)
Microphone Preamp: George Kaye designed and built vacuum tube preamps, Tube Tech.
Microphone Cable: Custom Made Crystal Cable
Mixer: George Kaye custom vacuum tube mixer
Power cables and filters: Jack Bybee
Analog to Digital Converter: Custom Mytek Digital
AC powerline conditioning: Chesky Proprietary designed Equitech
High Resolution Digital Recorders: Genex Optical and Tascam DVD
Monitor Speakers: PMC LB1 – Keep in mind Chesky cannot use large audiophile speakers. Most of the recording are made in VERY small rooms in St. Peter’s Church, so they usually sits about 3 feet from the speakers. The PMC speakers are designed for “nearfield” listening of this sort. If they were to sit this close to normal audiophile grade speakers, the high frequencies would be overwhelming.