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August 28, 2013

Just Pulling Your Classic Out of Storage? Read This.

John Rosatti: Starting up your Classic Car after it being in Storage Regardless of how long your classic collector car has been sitting in storage, it […]
September 25, 2012

John Rosatti, Selling Your Classic Car

Many car enthusiasts, including John Rosatti, love to buy old classic cars and fix them up. It is a rewarding hobby that can sometimes pay off […]
September 25, 2012

John Rosatti, Purchasing a Classic Car

If you are planning on restoring a classic car then you have probably already decided on what type of car you would like to rebuild. Now […]
July 12, 2012

The Best Classic Cars Around

It can be hard to put together a list of the best classic cars because there are so many great classic cars out there to choose […]