How Total Lubricant Increase the Life of Your Vehicle’s Engine?

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December 29, 2018
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We all know that an engine lubricant or oil is important for the betterment of your car’s engine, but we do not know which one is the best for your engine. One of the lubricants that are gaining all the hype now a day is a total lubricant. Following are the ways in which total lubricants can help in increasing the life of your engine


For the smooth working of an engine, its cleanliness is very important. Total lubricant helps you in cleaning the engine and thus the working of your engine becomes more smooth and easy.

Prevents Breakage

For the increment of the engine’s life, it is important to avoid any kind of breakage in it. Total lubricantsact as a film in between the parts that move within your car’s engine. This protection does not allow any part to break down.

It Protects the Exhaust After-Treatment System Protection

If you own a car, you know that the exhaustafter-treatment system is a very important part and it is necessary to protect it. Total lubricant produces very fewer pollutants and thus they protect the exhaust system of your car.

Apart from these points, the total lubricants adapt to extreme temperatures, in order to secure the life of your engine. Let’s see how it works.

Do Not Thicken In the Cold Weather

If we talk about the normal lubricant that is used of your engine, then they might thicken in cold temperature, but this is not the case with total lubricants. They do not thicken in the cold temperature also and therefore works equally effectively.

Controls Fluidity

If a lubricant can thicken in the cold weather, then it can become fluid in the hot weather. This is the case with the normal lubricants, but total lubricants have the required amount of viscosity and thus do not turn into liquid form.

Cools Down the Engine Immediately

Total lubricantscool down your engine immediately and thus protect your engine and give you a smoother ride. It also ensures that the space between the piston and the cylinder of your car is pressed properly. This reduces the friction in the vehicle and thus improves the fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

So, these were few of the points related to total lubricants, which makes it different and unique from other lubricants available in the market.

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