There is something about cars that fascinates car enthusiasts, and there is something about classic cars that make them jump in delight. Owning a classic car is dream of perhaps every man with taste for luxury. While one can always locate someone who is selling, restoration has its own charm. Though time consuming, it does leave a feeling of elation when everything is done. So, if you are thinking of undertaking the restoration project in near future, John Rosatti recommends that you do consider the following points:

Tools – If you are planning to do everything with your very hands, then, make sure you have all the required tools in your garage. Now, we know tools are not cheap and it would only be wise to make a list of the ones you will require to invest on them slowly.

Engine – There is reason why engine is called a car’s heart. The fact worth mentioning here is that if you haven’t spend a lot of time in garage, then, there is no point starting the very first experiment with your classic car project. Get help from an expert mechanic to understand the nuances and if it seems too much, let a professional handle.

Looks – After the engine is well and roaring, it is time to focus on the parts that will get you the envious looks. Get rid of everything that is rusted. If there are cracks in the windows, better get new ones. Transmission and repaint is another area where one needs to give a thought.

While the above mentioned points just touch on the important aspects, classic car restoration requires a lot of knowledge, skill and patience. Paying heed to words of classic car professionals like John Rosatti could give helpful insights.