No Shortcuts to Success: John Rosatti and the Launching of ‘Remember When’

Boating Expiernces along with Background along with John Rosatti
July 30, 2012
John Rosatti Discusses the American Superyacht Dream
July 30, 2012

Most of us have only wondered what it might be like to travel aboard a superyacht across the open ocean, sailing to far-off destinations, experiencing the world. I recently had the privilege of speaking to Captain Johannes about his experience as captain of John Rosatti’s luxury yacht, The Nice ‘N Easy, and about John Rosatti’s latest sailing venture, Remember When.

What I noticed first off when I spoke with Captain Johannes was the feeling that if it had to do with yachting, he would know it. I began by asking him about the perks of traveling by yacht: “Well, first, it is the open ocean and clean air and every day bring surprises likes whales, dolphins, and the stars at night. Second, it is the safest way of traveling…all other ways of traveling you’ve got seconds if an accident happens. On the water, you’ve got minutes to hours to do something.” Another benefit is the freedom a yacht gives you to simply pick up and go anytime you feel the desire to move on to a new, more interesting location. Of course, the relaxing atmosphere and first class service aboard a luxury yacht also help make it one of the most popular forms of leisure travel today.

Captain Johannes admits that, although yachting is a very safe mode of transportation, emergency assistance can be days—even weeks—away; so maintaining a safe environment is crucial: “Mr. Rosatti knows as well as I that you cannot cut corners…the yacht is an investment and business that needs constant maintenance. He has a motto to leave the deck in a 100% condition.” In fact, one of the best things about working for John Rosatti, according to Captain Johannes, is that he’s the type of owner who knows his yacht, including its engine room, better than many of the crew members.

He’s also the type of owner who’s not about to settle for the second rate. Soon-to-be-launched Remember When will have many of the features that made Nice ‘N Easy a world-class yacht, but will also incorporate the very latest in both technology and design. For instance, she will be of the first yachts of her size to be equipped with an integrated dynamic positioning system (DP), a system that allows a vessel to maintain a fixed position despite forces such as current and wind, helping to ensure safe and efficient operation. This technology is currently being used in military and commercial vessels. About Remember When Captain Johannes remarked that she is being built “to the highest standard for class and safety and can be used for commercial charters anywhere in the world…She will be the best Christensen built up to date.”

“Why Christensen?” I asked. “Currently it is the best American-built yacht out there and the best composite yacht in the world. In 2005, Mr. Rosatti was ready for a newer and bigger yacht. We did look at many different builders, and I flew to Europe, Turkey, China, and all over the U.S. For the price and quality, though, you will not be able to compare any other builder in this size range with Christensen yachts, and they are really easy to maintain,” he replied.

As for navigational equipment, Remember When boasts the best available there, too. Aside from standard sonar, she also comes with forward-facing sonar, 2 FLIR infrared cameras with a split screen for a 180-degree view, 2 96-nautical mile S-Band radars, and one X-Band radar.

What also sets Remember When apart from other yachts in her class is the under-floor heating in each of the marble bathrooms, air conditioning on the outside of all three levels, full walnut walls and cabinetry, and some of the world’s finest marble inlay and stonework. She also features 2 Sea tel TV satellite dishes and a Sea tel satellite-internet dish for 24/7 Internet access.

  • Remember When:
  • LOA: 162 ft.
  • Beam: 29’6”
  • Draught: 7’10”
  • Fuel: 15,000 gal
  • Fresh Water: 3600 gal
  • Clean Oil: 300 gal
  • Used Oil: 500 gal
  • Gas Fuel: 300 gal
  • Sewage: 600 gal
  • Grey Water: 700 gal
  • Main Engines: MTU/DDC 12V4000 w/continuous rating of 1770bhp at 1800 rpm
  • Gearboxes: ZF model 4650-A
  • Stabilizers: Quantum Zero Speed
  • Bow Thrusters: 100hp Electric Ocean Yacht Systems
  • Stern Thrusters: 100 hp Hydraulic Ocean Yacht Systems w/360 degree rotation
  • Generators: 2-160kw Northern Lights, 1-night 99kw Northern Lights

As to John Rosatti’s plans for Remember When: She is due to be released from Christensen’s Vancouver shipyard in January 2010. From there, she will cruise down the West Coast, through Mexico, Costa Rica, and the Galapagos Islands, on through the Panama Canal, and finally onto Florida. She will then head out to the Mediterranean during the summer of 2010.

On closing, I asked Captain Johannes how the experience of being on the water, visiting new places has changed for him over the course of his career: “It’s amazing how some exotic places have changed through the years…and the yachts have all these capabilities these days that an owner can choose any place in the world and still be connected with the rest of the world with cell phone service and internet via satellite.” One thing that hasn’t changed is the experience of being on the water far out at sea where “the stars at night are a lot brighter and just being in the middle of the ocean makes you realize how small you really are…it brings you closer to God.”

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