Yacht and Boat Shows, an Experience Like No Other

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Attending one of the large or major boat shows that take place annually around the country is an experience not like any other. There are a number of annual events in Florida that are a site to behold such as the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the Miami International Boat Show and the Miami Beach Yacht and Brokerage Show. John Rosatti has attended these events for years, most recently with his newest yacht, Remember When. While many may never consider the idea of going to one – especially those who have no interest or means to purchase a boat or yacht – it can actually be a fun experience.  Regardless of your passion for luxury yachts and boats, the atmosphere and sights can be a pleasant way to spend an afternoon or entire day for those looking for fun ways to pass the time.

Major boat shows are often held over the course of several days and can span inside and outside areas with many of the yachts on display and docked in a nearby harbor that’s being utilized specifically for the show.  If you’re a casual observer interested in gawking at the luxury of some of the more impressive yachts, make sure to determine ahead of time what you want to see.  With so many exhibits and types of boats, it could take days to see everything.  Instead, figure out what looks most interesting to you and concentrate on that area for the time you spend at the show. You may decide to just wander around and look at all of the boats or to attend a display featuring the advanced technology in maritime safety. Whatever you choose, it will be an event worth attending.

Once at the show, take advantage of being able to go on board these amazing luxury yachts that you may never have otherwise been able to board.  Since they are for sale, companies open them up to show-goers to see everything they have to offer up close and personal giving visitors an understanding of reasons to own a yacht .  Getting to walk around on some of these luxury yachts is a once-in-a-lifetime experience as the details, craft and sheer luxury of them can be experienced firsthand.

Between the people-watching and boat viewing, make sure to talk to some of the boating and yachting experts in attendance.  You’ll be amazed what you can learn about these impressive yachts and what it takes to buy them and then maintain them.  Attending a boat show can be fun glimpse into a new world that not many are exposed to very often.

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