The Challenges and Rewards of Classic Car Restoration

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February 12, 2012
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February 26, 2012

Classic car restoration is a hobby that requires know-how, creativity and patience to turn an old beater into a stunning show-stopper. Cars that were made a lifetime ago require special care and upkeep. Rather than letting these cars sit and rust, classic car enthusiasts like John Rosatti, choose to bring these classic back to life through repair and restoration, attention and a lot of care.

Vehicles of today are computerized and made from corrosion-resistant metals and/or fiberglass. Classic cars, on the other hand, were manufactured using steel and proper restoration of these cars often requires hard-to-come-by body parts for inside and out. Investing in classic car can prove profitable; this is especially true for cars whose manufacturers are no longer in business. Many vintage car owners are forced to scab together parts, modify generic replacement replicas or get lucky and find usable pieces from other enthusiasts. Once the car lover has the parts, it can be tricky to maintain  or install, even working on the basics.

While finding car parts is hard enough, fixing them or installing them is even trickier when one is not well-versed in the inner workings of that particular vehicle. Choosing a classic car restoration shop is a key to success.From carburetors to wheel bearings, step-by-step instructions are crucial to getting the car started and moving versus leaving it in the barn. Repair manuals for classic cars and do-it-yourself restoration guides are the most reliable ways to lay the groundwork for any auto project, especially the classics. In most cases, repair manuals are no longer published and can only be found on websites or at swap meets for car enthusiasts. Without the bible for the car”s inner workings, completing a restoration is difficult, if not impossible.

While classic car restoration can be a fun hobby, it is most satisfying for those with a lot of know-how, mechanically inclined friends, or a vehicle that has already been restored and needs only a small amount of upkeep.

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