John Rosatti on Choosing a Classic Car Restoration Shop

The Hobby of Classic Car Restoration
February 6, 2012
The Challenges and Rewards of Classic Car Restoration
February 24, 2012

Classic car restoration is a classic true American pastime that typically starts at an early age. For most teenagers, learning how to drive is a rite of passage, but they soon get bored and the enthusiasm ends there. For a select few, they really haven”t owned a car until they”ve put your heart and soul into it. But for those who didn”t grow up under the hood of a hot rod, classic sports car or any other modified, customized, and restored car, there”s hope yet.

Customization shops are becoming more and more common. With their enthusiastic help, anyone with enough love for cars can get into classic slots online car restoration. Here are some tips on what to look in a good customizing shop.

Ask for a portfolio with pictures. A garage full of shiny cars shouldn”t be enough to make you swoon when you have no idea how much work they did to which cars. Customization and restoration garages will typically have before and after photos, and even step-by-step documentation.

Get references. Pictures can sometimes be deceiving. Be sure to casino spiele online ask their previous or current customers about order fulfillment time along with customer service and end-results. Make sure that it doesn”t take five or six times to get one job done right.

Get to know the specialists. Restoring a car from the ground up is like raising a child. Both parents need to see eye to eye on certain issues. Communication is key – chances are that you”ll spend a lot of time talking to the people working on your car. Most importantly, know what you want ahead of time and find out if your chosen shop is capable of pulling it all off.

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