The Best Places to Travel by Yacht

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September 26, 2011
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October 24, 2011

Owning a yacht is a luxury that can lead to a lifetime of memorable experiences. You and your loved ones can travel the world in style and see remarkable sights that many people only dream of seeing.  If you aren’t a yacht owner, you can still experience luxurious travel through yacht charter. There are many places you can visit while traveling by yacht, here are just a few of the must see locations all yacht owners should visit.

The Mediterranean

A favorite for many, this body of water takes you along the French Riviera to the Greek Isles and is the perfect place to spend a European summer. Monaco and Cannes are just a few of the royal hotspots you may visit along the way.

The Caribbean

This tropical paradise provides a great escape and features many small islands for you to stop and enjoy the day. Take in the beauty of the majestic volcanoes in the area and enjoy a hike through the rainforest. There are several fantastic destinations in the Caribbean you should visit, the most popular being the Spanish Virgin Islands and the Amazon.

The Spanish Virgin Islands consist of two islands named Culebra and Vieques which are located right off the coast of Puerto Rico. The nearly deserted beaches on both islands are ideal spots to take in a few relaxing rays of sunshine and enjoy a swim.

The Amazon is an exotic jungle where you will get to see tropical animals up close. The best thing about traveling by yacht is that you can enjoy the safety of being inside your boat while getting to experience all the wonders of nature around you.

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