Only determination enables the success you seek. John Rosatti’s will-power and keen eye for an opportunity paved his way to victory and accomplishments. Born and raised in a traditional Italian family in the city of Brooklyn, he was taught strong work ethics by his father and grandfather as early as 11 years of age. He has a high regard and admiration for his paternal grandfather, John Adam Bassett, a decorated U.S. Naval Officer who is noted for his heroic deeds during World War II.

John Rosatti began working at the age of 11, delivering meat in the neighborhood with his bicycle. Understanding the importance of mechanical skills, he often worked on boats at local docks with his father Edward. These skills made an immense contribution to his eventual endeavors into the automobile industry.

While he was working as a driver for a small cab service, he learned about car dealerships. The year marked for his first venture into an auto dealership was 1978, in Flatbush, and this gradually led to the development of Plaza Auto Group. His remarkable business abilities brought immense success to his creation, and it was given a “Top 100” dealership award by Ward’s Automotive. Over time, Rosatti expanded his business outside New York, and Plaza Auto Mall grew to the point where it now provides more than 15 unique car brands.

Although he was totally occupied with his ever-expanding dealership, he never lost his passion for boats. In 1976 he began racing with one of his long-time friends, John Staluppi, and competed in the Benihana races all over the country, which won him much acclaim. Shortly thereafter, their shared passion and skills evolved into a thriving joint business venture known as Millenium Super Yachts.

Closely-knit ties with his family gave John Rosatti values that made him a person of loyalty and true character. After separating from his wife of 18 years, Joann, he tied the knot with Bonni and moved to live close to her family in Brooklyn. He devoted himself to raising his three children, despite his busy professional life. It is almost needless to say that he is a diligent man in every respect, in his personal and professional life.