John Rosatti and John Staluppi, co-owners of Millennium Super Yachts, plan to set foot on the uncharted territory of mega yachts. These Florida-based associates aim to enthrall boat owners with advanced the speed and splendid luxuries that one can expect of a mega luxury yacht.

Already famed for swift and record-holding mega yachts like Thunderball, Octopussy and Moonraker, the founders aim to reclaim the unofficial speed record for a mega cruiser. Beyond the speed factor, the invention of the Millennium 140 Super Yacht aims to provide an owner with a cruiser that is fast, even when not at top speed, and treats the owner to the luxury of a multi-million dollar yacht.

As the founders of Millennium Super Yachts, they presume that there are specific areas left unattended, and so they focus on bringing opportunities within closer reach. Made in line with its intended purpose, the Millennium 140 is created for speed. The duo was inspired by Fortuna, a 41.3-meter yacht, which was built by Izar in Spain for the Kind Juan Carlos to satisfy his penchant for speed.

With the determination to set the unofficial speed record, Rosatti and Staluppi devised a yacht with Frank Mulder. They brainstormed with Mulder on the type of yacht and hull design to construct, and also a feasible location to build it. Eventually, they got a vacant shed in Holland and used Alustar, an alloy said to be 20 percent stronger than the conventional marine aluminum.

Several scale forms were tank tested to analyze sea maintenance in diverse conditions and throughout the extreme speed range. However, Mulder and the founders of Millennium Super Yachts agreed that these inspections would not be enough to design an unusual yacht variation. If the Millennium 140 succeeded in surviving the unusual speed figure on the radar gun during speed trials, only then would it be confirmed as the fastest mega yacht in the world.