John Rosatti and the Growing Popularity of Luxury Yachts

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June 18, 2011
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June 28, 2011

There has been an increase in popularity in the yachting industry over the past decade or two, especially since a number of private luxury yachts have been commissioned. An experience in yachting is bound to outmatch any anticipations of glamor and several of these finely designed crafts offer a richly self-contained world. This includes world-class living quarters, five star dining and every facility that your heart may desire. When you have all this at your disposal and you are cruising by the most impressive ports and coastlines of the world, it goes without saying that the passion and popularity for luxury yachts have increased tremendously.

The place where yachts are repaired, refitted or built is the shipyard. They take great satisfaction in building the luxury yachts.  They also have a reputation for extensive spirit of quality and excess. Yacht brokers are the people that have the latest and elaborate knowledge of the crafts produced by the shipyards. Based on this knowledge, they possess the required insight into what kind of customer would be the best suited to purchase specific luxury yacht.

The yacht broker and the shipyard play a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship in this growing popularity. It is absolutely frequent for yacht brokers to establish a long-traditional association with a prestigious shipyard and by constructing this relationship; a broker generates a communication channel between the buyer and the shipyard as well as communications between the owner and those that are interested in chartering a luxury yacht.

Brokers and Managers of Luxury yachts also undertake the task of advertising the yachts to the precise target market. Over time, brokers evolve relationships with people interested in chartering a yacht for a single holiday or of investing in one. After knowing their clients’ demands, brokers are able to suggest specific vessels for interested parties based on the cognition of the yachts from the shipyard and appropriately set up prospective viewings.

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