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November 2, 2010
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The demands on yacht owners and captains are massive, and using a yacht management company is a way to alleviate the burden. These specialist…

The demands on yacht owners and captains are massive, and using a yacht management company is a way to alleviate the burden. These specialist companies are able to provide the necessary support and supervision to owners as well as yacht captains. This, in turn, ensures that the yacht’s maintenance, operation and administration are of the very highest standards. If you own or are considering buying a yacht, consider a management company.

Yachting is meant to be a pleasurable experience, and handing over the onerous demands to the specialists makes managing their yacht a very simple exercise for owners. In short, the time consuming tasks involved are handed over to a management company. A yacht management company provides support for the full range of yachting operations, providing the expertise to deal with such matters as accounts and finance, management of crews and operations, managing refits and new construction, technical support, as well as all the necessary insurances.

The proper financial administration of a yachting operation is crucial. Part of a management companies remit is to deal with an annual budget, and to make regular financial reports, monthly and quarterly, to the owner. Technical assistance is also very important with specialist companies having the experience and expertise to deal with a range of activities such as the coordination of routine maintenance and refits, as well as ensuring compliance with regulations around the world.

Security and safety is of paramount importance in yachting and the management provider will use their expertise to ensure that these are maintained to the highest standards. Through certified quality and safety management systems and the help of marine surveyors, safety and security is tailored to the type of yacht and commiserate with international standards.

It is essential that yacht owners and captains are able to avail themselves of the management company’s services no matter where they are in the world. Yacht management companies are able to provide essential services such as provision of spare parts, purveying and fuel bunkering at an international level, providing the necessary help and services to your nearest port. Whether you take your yacht on a vacation or are attending an international boat show, a management company can help.

A specialist management company also deals with the administration of crews, aiding owners and captains with recruiting, taking references and medical certificate checking of all crew members. Adding to this list of duties, the company deals with pay, the organization of health insurance, and necessary background checks.

When planning to by a yacht,  management, if undertaken by individual owners and captains, can at best be rewarding, and at worst well near impossible. But it becomes easy if it is handed over to a competent company, allowing owners to take maximum enjoyment from sailing, while minimizing the problems.

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